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Basic Financial Services Seminar

We conduct seminars regarding the different types of investment vehicles available in the market today such as, stocks, government bonds, corporate bonds, deposit agreements, money market funds and other financial assets. This seminar will tackle the advantages and disadvantages of each financial asset class.

Financial Planning Seminar

This seminar is a step by step discussion on how to be financially secured. It will help you meet your life goals through proper management of your financial resources. This also includes knowing your current financial situation, setting goals, and creating the plan.

Retirement Planning Seminar

The seminar offers information, tips and advice to help you plan for a comfortable retirement. It also includes discussions on various investment instruments that will meet your objectives.

Pre-retirement Seminar

This seminar is being offered to employees and professionals who are about to retire. It gives tips and advice on the types of instruments a retiree can invest into. The primary objective of this seminar is to make your retirement fund last longer.