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Integra Financials – Be a part.

Whether you’re about to embark and start a career or looking for a change in direction, becoming a Financial Advisor will unleash the full potential in you. Rewarding opportunities await you while helping people fulfill their dreams and that of their loved ones. If you are highly driven, passionate and determined to take the wheel in steering your own success, this is the career for you. Get into the business of making a difference in people’s lives including yours. Be a Financial Advisor, be with Intergra Financials.

Starting only last June 2013 as a unit composed of six individuals, we expanded and became an agency September of 2014. As we continue to grow, we wish to invite you to partner with us and together reach new horizons.

Financial Advisor

  • Entrepreneur

    Consider this career as having your own business with only time as your main investment. We will provide you all the necessary support such as office space, equipment and staff to assist you in running your business. Moreover, we have continuous training and development programs to further sharpen your management and interpersonal skills.
  • Trainings

    We are dedicated to impart to you the knowledge and skills that we have garnered throughout our 15 year experience in the financial service industry. This will not only help you to be a better financial adviser to your clients; but these are practical learnings that you can apply for your own growth. Financial freedom not only for your clients but more importantly for you and your family as well.
  • Unlimited Income Potential

    Write your own paycheck. This business venture will reward you commensurate to the time and effort you put into. The financial reward is unlimited especially with the very generous commission schemes and bonus incentives offered. Best of all, we will hand hold you in achieving your targeted monthly income.
  • Trip Incentives

    Are you ready to travel the world with 5-star accommodation for free? All throughout the year, we have travel incentives both local and international to reward outstanding Financial Advisors for their dedication and commitment.
  • Awards and Recognition

    Surround yourself with winners. We value hard-work and always make it a point to celebrate every accomplishment and milestone achieved. This career even allows international recognition for the excellent service and highest ethical standards displayed by the sales professionals.
  • Camaraderie

    Feel a different culture as we embrace a balance between work and life. We know what your priorities are. We too are fathers, mothers, siblings, sons and daughters in our own families. Let us help you achieve your dreams for them the sooner the better.

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