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1. How safe are my investments?

The concept of safety in mutual funds may come in different forms. One is the structure. The investment company is totally segregated from the mutual funds being managed. The invested instruments of these funds are kept with a custodian bank. Records of shareholders are kept with the transfer agent and an external auditor monitors the company’s operations. Moreover, all mutual funds are closely monitored by the SEC under the provisions of the RA 2629. More importantly, all mutual funds do not deviate from the company’s stipulated investment restrictions and guidelines

2. Are rates guaranteed?

No. Mutual funds are investment companies, where investors become owners of the fund. Owners or Shareholders are entitled to a proportionate share of the income and risk exposure of the mutual fund company.

3. Can I withdraw my funds anytime?

Yes, because mutual funds are mandated by the law to stay liquid. However, to maximize earnings potential we recommend that investments are kept for at least a year or two.

4. Can I invest in more than one fund?

Yes you can, however, you can also make a combination of any of the funds that will suit your investment objective and risk appetite.


1. How expensive is life insurance?

Insurance products have now become are very affordable. By saving P45 per day, you may be insured for as much as P1.5M. Also, you may avail of deferred modes of payment to make it more budget-friendly.

2. How long do I have to pay for an insurance policy?

You can choose from single-pay policies, limited-pay (3, 5, 7 & 10 years to pay) or continuous payment which is the most reasonably-priced.

3. Are the benefits only paid upon the death of the insured?

Gone are the days when insurance products will only be useful when the insured dies. The newest insurance products understand the changing needs of the insured that they have now incorporated LIVING benefits. The accumulated and growing living benefits can be withdrawn anytime by the insured for purposes such as educational fund, retirement or medical expenses.

4. Are the benefits guaranteed?

The death benefit or face amount is guaranteed as long as the policy is enforced. The living benefits on the other hand will vary depending on the actual performance of the fund. Riders that are attached to the policy are also guaranteed as stipulated in the contract.

5. Who can be my beneficiaries?

Anyone who has an insurable interest can be your beneficiary. You can have multiple beneficiaries.

6. What are the uses of insurance?

The main purpose of an insurance policy is income continuation provided by the insured to their families. This is to ensure that the quality of life and the dreams set for the family will not go away together with the death of the insured. But, with the growing needs of investors, insurance products can now also be used to fund for education, retirement and efficient transfer of inheritance to the heirs.

7. Who can be insured?

There are insurance products that can insure anyone who is aged 0-75 provided that they have passed the underwriting guidelines.